INSTITUTE PLUS is product designed specially for computer tanning center and Educational Institute.

Institute Plus is a complete suite of applications that fulfill the all aspects of administration of computer tanning and Educational institutes. CMS helps you to capture, manipulate and student information in a meaningful automatically. CMS is centralize base between student and institute.

Why Use Institute Plus?

Institute Plus saves resources, man-Power and Time, So that you can focus on most other important task. Its also helps you when you have perfect and reliable information about any transaction of institute, Our security and user management playing important role in Institute Plus. Its gives higher security to maintain your contact and transactions.

In Institute Plus you can capture attendance of student and faculty and capture also Student enquiry as well as their follow-up , so that you get complete history of enquiry students

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1. User friendly interface.

2. Backup & Restore feature ensuring safety of your data.

3. Record of student fees receipts.

4. Track Installment Fess Service.

5. Track Attendance of faculty and student.

6. Track on upcoming Enquiries and there follow-ups.

7. Capture Clear and Unclear Payments.

8. Library management.

9. Maintain outstanding payments of institute.

10. Get all types of transaction data in mode of reports just in one click.

And many more...

System Requirements

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
512 MB RAM
100 MB Hard disk


1 year Support for more details: